Monday, October 4, 2010

Chelsea Gift Card Program

Would you be in favor of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce offering a gift card program prior to the 2010 Christmas Holiday Season?

Customers could purchase a gift card as a gift for a friend or relative to be spent at a Chelsea Business.

I am researching possible gift certificate or gift card programs for Chelsea to use this Holiday season.

We could have an old fashioned  paper gift certificate program. These are inexpensive but difficult to administer. Gift Card programs are expensive for both the customer and the gift card administrator (i.e the Chamber) but are relatively painless to administer. They are actually a credit card (M/C,Visa,Discover or American Express) and technically could be redeemed at any store (not just Chelsea Stores).

Typically a gift card would cost a customer $5 more than its face value. A $25 Gift card would cost $30 to purchase.  A $100 Gift card would cost $105.00 to purchase.  The administrator  would have to purchase these cards in advance (about $1 per card) and offer particular denominations, usually $25, $50, $75, $100.
Given enough time we could have a Chelsea logo put on the card

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